for Management Teams, Boards of Directors, and Middle Management which have completed the Leadership Pitstop

Maintain and Further Develop Your Team’s Potential with the Leadership Maintenance Approach geared towards Management Teams, Boards of Directors, and Middle Management in Life Sciences that have experienced our Leadership Pitstop

Ensure that your leadership team remains united with clear objectives, and team synergy to generate long-term enhanced performance for success!

Do you recognize this: how often did you have the best intentions in your career following a training or support session to truly continue with changes identified/agreed upon during the session and you came to the conclusion a few months later that old habits, new situations, or other elements propelled you backwards again?

“How can we make sure that the positive injection of the Leadership Pitstop for our Team will effectively become part of our long-term DNA”

Book a Lead2Achieve Leadership Sustain Suite

To bolt on the success & achieved positive energy from the Leadership Pitstop and to ensure that this will be rejuvenated over a prolonged period without falling back, Lead2Achieve offers a tailored sustainable approach, optimized by the needs and outcomes following the Leadership Pitstop.

Elements that are typically included consists of one or a combination of the following elements:he Leadership Pitstop is a one-day, tailor-made workshop for life science companies. This session is crafted to synchronize your leadership team, stimulate constructive dialogues, and spur the success of your life science venture.


  • Regular (e.g. bi-monthly, quarterly) one-on-one (virtual) sessions with Leadership Team members to coach & support individual development and continuous Team synergies.efore the workshop, you will get an intake and a 1-on-1 with the Lead2Achieve host of the day, for each of the participating team members to set the workshop’s objectives and pinpoint the critical discussion areas.
  • Half-yearly/yearly ½ day session with the Leadership Team which can be preceded by individual one-on-one interviews to define the most important topics to further address the focus.
  • Ad-hoc coaching & support to one or more members of the Leadership Team (e.g. the CEO) to continuously align with the agreed outcomes & next steps defined during the Leadership Pitstop.

Our accomplished business coaches, familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities of being an entrepreneur in the life sciences landscape will guide you via quality discussions and personalized support through these different elements, always considering the outcomes of the Leadership Pitstop to maximize success.

 Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to maintain your rejuvenated energy & a clear path forward for your team and generate company success.

For more information or to book a Sustain Suite approach, get in touch with us here.