What is needed to improve your team dynamics today?

How to effectively broaden your circle of influence?

What is needed to be more effective in your communication towards external stakeholders?

How to enjoy the ride to reach your team’s maximal potential?


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  • When the human interactions in your management team and with external stakeholders are nurtured, this results in more valuable and energetic relationships. The ultimate purpose is to achieve more with less effort to thrive your business success!

  • During the intake we will define your wishes and needs how to effectively create the biggest impact with a tailored approach!

Enjoy the ride

  • Following the intake, a situational analysis will be created around human interactions and how these facilitate or limit the company’s potential.

  • Based on the situational analysis, a tailored approach will be proposed, that will focus both on low-hanging fruit to ensure quick wins as well as longterm positive change.

  • Proven methodologies (meta-programs, Belbin team roles, Ofman core competences, start/stop/continue etc) will form the basis of a typical approach, combined with extensive leadership experience.


    • To ensure that the initial learnings & benefits will be sustained long term, specific components can be added to the tailored approach.

    • These components can consist of individual and/or team coaching, refreshment sessions or creating of specific tools.