for Management Teams, Boards of Directors, and Middle Management 

Navigate Your Team Through Critical Challenges with our Leadership Crisis Navigator, designed specifically for Management Teams, Boards of Directors, and Middle Management in Life Sciences

Strengthen your leadership team, clarify crisis response strategies, enhance resilience, and secure continuity in turbulent times!

 Imagine this: and internal dispute erupted in the past months and has shaken-up the productive conversations and collaborations that you used to have in your management team. Who takes the lead to solve the dispute and hosts an honest conversation to enable a step forward? Who in your team can take the mediator role for such a situation?

“Despite our best efforts to be proactive, the dynamic nature of the life sciences industry often finds us on the back foot, struggling to mediate conflicts and crises swiftly, which can lead to missed opportunities to safeguard our operations.”

Book a 1-day Crisis Navigator Workshop

Embrace the Leadership Crisis Navigator: a one-day, intensive workshop tailored for life science organizations that face challeges. This session is crafted to harmonize your leadership team based on proven crisis mediation tactics, foster robust communication, and prepare your organization to move forward again.

Our accomplished business coaches, adept in navigating the specific risks and mediation strategies essential to the life sciences and interpersonal relationships, will lead your team throughout the day. They will mediate discussions, including 1-on-1 break-outs if needed, and provide targeted support. 


  • Before the workshop, you will get an intake and a 1-on-1 with each of the participating team members (if necessary multiple 1-on-1s) to achieve a thorough understanding of the Leadership crisis and to be able to set specific workshop’s objectives and pinpoint the critical discussion areas.
  • During the Crisis Navigator Workshop (a full day from 9 – 17 hrs), you’ll define critical response actions, develop cohesive strategies for crisis mediation, and identify support mechanisms to enhance team resilience.
  • The aim is that you will leave the day equipped with actionable tools to navigate any challenges that arise, maintaining operational integrity and propelling your company through its next crucial phase. By the end of the day, your team will be empowered with renewed confidence and a strategic blueprint for effective crisis management.

The Crisis Navigator Pitstop should be performed at an optimal off-site location as part of the mediation approach offered.

Utilize this essential opportunity to streamline your team’s crisis response, bolster team cohesion, and ensure your company’s robust performance in the face of uncertainties.

For more information or to book a Crisis Navigator workshop, get in touch with us here.