About  US

JUDITH SMIT & Roger Legtenberg

Nice meeting you!

We are Roger and Judith, two enthusiastic human beings with a career in life sciences and a passion for the dynamics and interactions between people. We combine our mentoring, coaching and training skills, with our first-hand expertise in building, growing and exiting companies in the Life Sciences. Being entrepreneurs in the field ourselves, we have seen and confronted the challenges that are faced by multidisciplinary management teams.

With Lead2Achieve we have found a way to funnel our passion for the “human side” of innovations to help innovative companies to become successful. We translate our knowledge and training skills into tailored programs and help management teams to find their synergy and flow. We believe that when you value and invest in the relations between your management team members, and optimize the interactions with stakeholders and the people around the MT, this will not only create more joy in your professional life, it will also result in more and faster business success.


Our credentials and background

Judith J. Smit

  • NLP-master practitioner and coach
  • 5+ years CEO of a growing life science consulting company
  • 10+ years in life science business strategy and fundraising
  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry (2013)
  • Guided and advised >200 innovative companies

Roger J. Legtenberg

  • Founder of Up Strong B.V.
  • 20+ years in life sciences
  • 15+ years CEO and co-owner of Service providers, Medtech & Biotech
  • 4 years of trainer/coach experience
  • Ph.D. in Biomedical Chemistry (2002)
  • Business development & strategic partnerships
  • Investor relations & realized a company exit 

Let’s not only innovate through new technologies, but also empower your team to enjoy the ride towards success!